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What Beauty Wonders Can Aloe Vera Do?

Aloe vera is very popular for its cooling and soothing properties. But Aloe vera has much more than these qualities in its pool. Aloe vera is a miracle plant which helps in giving you all-round beauty from head to toe. Aloe vera gel can be…

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3 Reasons You’re Addicted to Junk Food

If junk food is so bad for the body and bad quality overall, why is it so popular? You’d think no one would touch it.” Answer: That’s an excellent question, and I certainly can’t say that I have the answer. I do have some thoughts on…

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Why Trains SUCK in America!

We sure do love our cars and trucks in America. But around the world, most people don’t drive and don’t fly to travel. They take the train. But, as we all know, trains are simply terrible in America. Why is that? Watch the video below…

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Here is Earth 2.0 AKA Proxima B!

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has kept the world on tenterhooks all day, but have finally revealed the announcement they promised. Speculation was rife earlier today that the announcement would involve a ‘second earth’ and the possibility that it could support life. The speculation has…

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Best Technique to Reheat Your Pizza At Home

It s true that you cannot propose marriage to your girl on the strength of a slice of leftover pizza!!! BUT a left over slice of that delectable pizza itself is no joke for it certainly can still offer you a delightful and mouthful morsel…

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